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Sentilia Botanicals is owned by Lindsay Adams. She is a clinical herbalist, postpartum doula & licensed practical nurse. She creates a variety of organic & wildcrafted herbal products, serves postpartum families in their homes and sees clients for comprehensive herbal & nutritional consultations. Lindsay has completed over 1300 hours of study in Medical Herbalism at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism and a Postpartum Doula training workshop through DONA International. Along with the above trainings, she has been a Licensed Practical Nurse for over a decade. 


Her practice is centered around accessibility & education. She creates a safe space for all bodies & helps her clients cultivate intuition, sovereignty, pleasure & joy as they navigate their health journeys.


Lindsay is a lover of the liminal. Fascinated with life’s transitions, big or small, her greatest lessons have emerged from birth, death, change & grief. Her special interests include postpartum healing, nutrition for fertility & pregnancy, health at any size, sexual health & education, menstrual health, deathwork & grief. In her free time, Lindsay can be found reading, snuggling, playing with herbs, cooking, walking or spending time with her sweet little family.

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