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Whether you are a new parent navigating monumental changes in your roles, responsibilities & your body or you are simply looking to foster resilience in our chaotic world, I would be honored to support you. Using food, herbs, lifestyle adjustments & mindfulness practices; we work together to steer your body & mind towards greater balance. 


Learn more about me & my practice here.

Are you looking to improve your energy levels, your digestion, your menstrual cycle or other aspects of your overall health? 

A comprehensive herbal consultation can help you find the herbs or botanical formulas best suited to support your needs. Additional nutritional insights and lifestyle suggestions can round out your health in profound ways. Working with an herbalist will require some time & energy on your part to incorporate herbs, nutritional adjustments and other healthful practices; but it is an incredibly empowering process to take charge of your health and healing!

Find out more about my herbal/nutritional support offerings here

Postpartum Doula offerings coming soon...

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